Project Miser - A double-entry accounting tool.

Project Miser is a double-entry accounting tool with friendly ui and powerful statistics graphic. it integrates with popular Beancount ecosystem and provides user-friendly UI.

1 users

1 ledgers

390 transactions


Premium Plan

In the future, we would provide premium plan for users. within this plan, Miser would automatically backup your data and send you ledgers' statics or budget status.

We do care about your data.

Feature Preview

Rather than Beancount and other accounting tool, what Miser wanna do is balancing user experience between professional accounting tools and easy daily tool.

  • Support scheduler transaction for periodic trading

  • Update commodity's price automatically for multiple commodities ledger

  • Link document to transaction like receipts & invoices

  • Support fully API for developer for automation ecosystem

  • Beancount integration

  • Encrypted date in server

Open Source

The frontend of Project Miser is open source in Github. the backend would be open source in the future when most of features had been implemented and stabled.

Self-hosted configuration would also be coming in the further future.

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this project is now totally WIP, and the register page is hidden. if you wanna try the project, you can register it and then taste, if you can find how to register(PS: I promise that the api of registering is working well). any bug, recommendation, feedback or features are welcome.